MAMS-MARC Edible Trail

The Edible Trail is a Community Wellness Initiative Project, and a partnership with the Meadville Area Recreation Complex and Allegheny College. Designed, built, and planted by Allegheny faculty, staff and students, the Trail is an interactive walkable garden linking the Meadville Area Middle School with the outdoor garden classroom. An extension of the community garden/outdoor classroom project, this path is intended to provide students with access to edible plants as they walk to the garden. It is also a resource for the community, used in workshops as part of the community garden. Anyone can use the trail and its plants.

A winding gravel path weaves through a garden consisting of various layers; an arrangement of fruit trees, berry bushes, flowers, vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Designed with some “food forest” principles in mind, the majority (but not all) of the plants are edible and/or medicinal perennials which are intended to support each other, as well as humans and wildlife. Interactive sensory “nodes” made up of plants with strong smells, interesting textures, or striking visual qualities line the trail, as well as a musical instrument and biodegradable cob bench. Informational signage is intended to help users get the most out of their experience with the space. Harvesting and other interaction is encouraged! (From the Maintenance Guide)