Anne Furno: The Movies

"We had the Park Theater which was a big theater and it was really the better one, it was more glamorous. And I watched many movies that were shown there. They were wonderful Oh, I loved the movies. That was the big thing when you were kids and movies, you know, before television came out. So the Park Theater was there and then one thing I remember so distinctly. We’d go to the movies. Then we had an Isaly’s store across the street as ice cream store and you know, cold cuts and things like that milk bread, Malcolm. So when we got the movies, we came out of there. And we were over to Isaly’s and get the skyscrapers ice cream, big tall cones. That was a treat. Oh my gosh, was that a treat! I think they were very reasonable, about 25 cents I think for a great big cone and these days couldn’t even get a taste now for that. But that was really a thrill to us. That was a treat."