Carol Beers: Always a Lot To Do

"As a youth, as a teenager, we had what was called youth centers. They had them after school, Saturdays, Saturday nights. With several those we could go and dance and do things like that. So that was super. They'd be open for two hours after school or something and we had three or four youth centers. We had Saturday night dances which was at a YMCA. The youth were really busy and all the sports that went on and the sports events that you could attend - it was fun. And then getting older, we had the clubs in Meadville that you could go to. And so when I got married my husband and I were pretty much in the Elks Club and did things like that. Dances that were at Conneaut Lake at the old beach club that burned [Dreamland Ballroom, burned down in 2008]. There was always a lot to do in the area."