Peg Weymer: A Booming Town

"[After we moved,] it took a little while to feel as if I were a part of the community. But within a year or two with the children now starting school, meeting people, meeting people through church, I began to realize we were very fortunate to have moved here, a small enough town that you ... there was a nice mix of people on our street all the way from a doctor, to a dentist, to factory worker. Just a nice mix of people and the same when our children got into school. There were different ethnic children, which we would not have had back in New Jersey ... So I really thought that school system was excellent. Then the downtown! Other people have told you this was a booming downtown with all kinds of stores. I mean, maybe once every other year, you'd go to Pittsburgh and eventually maybe up to Erie, but Meadville held everything you needed, you know, shoe stores, gift shops. It was a booming town."