"It's a great place to live. It is a thriving town. I'd like for it to be doing better but don't ask me what way. Cause I'd be up for... I'd be the mayor haha. But yes, I think that this is a thriving town. It's surviving. The corporations we have are doing well with what the economy is. And a lot of our businesses in town are done a lot on the net. Like, just like Channellock. Channellock was making pliers and they're doing well on their... I guess the net connection. But they're doing a lot with other things on the net. It takes them into the large corporation and they sell some of the stuff. And we have a high-tech electronic business in town and they do very, very well. But if we weren't electronic, they wouldn't be so active. But, you know, I think it's a good town."