Our parties [are my fondest memory]. You know, when we first moved here you don't have famous restaurants. That's what's really nice about that: there are restaurants, a lot of them, that are locally owned and that’s what makes it fun. But, we had to make our own entertainment when I first moved here so that was fun. We had all kinds of dress up parties. If it was Halloween, you dressed up for it. [...] There was something going on or a theme and that was always fun. So then we had gourmet cooks. I mean, we had a gourmet club. We went to, y’know, from house to house for different dinner parties and that was always fun. [...] I couldn't even begin to [fathom how many parties I hosted] because I loved to cook. I think I probably hosted a great many. Margery Katope was from the South [and] her husband was Chris Katope--he was head of the English department--but she was the “hostess with the mostest” and I learned so much from her. She’d always say, “Let's have a party.” I’d say “Okay, fine. You pick the menu and you help me cook.”